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Jeremy Wood


Being an old Queen has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the young twinks absolutely love older men and some don’t. The gay gloryhole is perfect for me since I get my fill of black dick with none of the rejection. Upon walking into this creepy place my heart raced faster and my knees almost buckled. I relaxed a bit while the tv played an interracial porn that showed the big black man ramming this poor little white boy’s asshole. That just got me hard and ready for a self stroke session but just then the mighty black dick came through and I opened my mouth for a hot beef injection. After a blowjob that rivaled nobody else’s I stood up and rubbed my average dick to his giant of a cock. I pumped him off while thanking my lucky stars the entire time. I had to make a dinner date so I used my hands as a massager to get Mr. Black Man’s goo all over my body. The lucky stranger didn’t disappoint.